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Sri Lanka

“Finest of its size in all the World”.
Marco Polo

Tour Packages to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a traveler’s paradise. You name it, the island has it and in close proximity making it convenient to travel. The island has one of the highest bio-diversity in the world with over 15 national parks and protected nature reserves with a rich variety of flora and fauna; the island’s coastal belt boasts of the golden beaches that surround the whole island nation; travelling on to the salubrious hill country through breathtaking scenery and pleasant cool climates; proceeding on to the cultural sites with their rich heritage of a bygone era are all bundled in attractive holiday package deals.

Your tour packages will depend on the time at your disposal and your interests. We have listed some packages for you to book straightaway or to use them as guidelines to plan your own tour. Be it budget do-it-yourself tours to luxury/high end tailor made packages catering for either free individual travelers or smaller groups, we would be there to provide you an answer!  


Sri Lanka is a hot-air balloon ride of fun and excitement. There will never be a dull moment. From the most sedate but captivating train ride across the hill country to an adrenaline pumping white-water rafting expedition, visitors are kept enthralled at a pulsating rate.


Being an island Sri Lanka is blessed with golden sandy beaches almost all around the island and this has traditionally attracted visitors to the island, to enjoy the sun, sand and surf. From basking in the sun to scuba diving Sri Lanka offers many exciting activities.


A grand array of fauna and flora can be seen in national parks and the leopard, elephant and sloth bear are a must-see during a safari at a park. Add to this - the Sri Lankan coastline is a haven for the largest mammal on earth - the blue whale.


Sri Lanka's ancient cities with stupendous monuments containing intricate artwork, huge man-made lakes and landscaped gardens have taken pride of place among the treasures of the ancient world, - six of them are UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.


Sri Lankan cuisine is a food fiesta flavoured by an array of spices and condiments richly cooked with coconut oil. The traditional rice with the assortment of curries creates a first impression in a visitor that is so captivatingly alluring to the taste buds.


Sri Lankan people are friendly and courteous and a place to visit in Sri Lanka for most visitors become a home away from home. May it be the quest to find accommodation or a destination, someone would be there to guide you the right way.

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