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ELLA SRI LANKA | 7 awesome things to do in Ella

ELLA SRI LANKA | 7 awesome things to do in Ella

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The favorite stop of every traveler is Ella, Sri Lanka. Surrounded by the beautiful greens of tea. These are the things to do in Ella.


Everything about Ella, Sri Lanka:

1. Climb up little Adam’s peak

This little nephew of Adam’s Peak is a far more easy climb. Nevertheless, the view is still a spectacular one. You can easily walk to the top within one hour. Once you’re on top you’ll get the chance to relax and talk with other travelers.

If you’re searching for a more private place then walk to the next hill. There’s not an actual path but you can get there with a bit of climbing.

2. Walk along the rails on the Nine Arch Bridge in Ella

A Google Images world-famous bridge but though so quiet and undiscovered. Get a drink up the hills in the Nine Arch Cafe which probably gives you the best view. It’s 30 meters or 99 feet high and the guards allow you to walk along the rails. Even through the tunnel if you like to.

3. Enjoy the endless tea field views at Lipton’s Seat

From Ella, rent a motorbike or take the train to Haputale. Once in Haputale, get up to the top where mister Lipton, back in 1890, planted the first seeds of what is Sri Lanka’s biggest export product right now.

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Everywhere we walked, there were tea plantations with smiling women picking tea leaves. The tea leaf plants give the entire countryside a unique look. The patterns formed by the thousands of planted bushes stretching into the distance is a very special sight.

To reach the top you can:

  1. You can take a bus and walk 7km to the end
  2. Get your scooter up there
  3. Rent a tuk-tuk at the train station that takes you there.

Once at the top, you can get down again and you’re done for the day. ?

4. Get a fresh shower at the Ravana waterfall

If you still own that motorbike you used to get to Lipton’s Seat then drive 6 km from Ella and visit this 25 m high waterfall. It has become a very popular tourist site with both locals and foreigners stopping by to enjoy the view and take a dip in the water.

5. Join a cooking class at Ella Spice Garden

Learn about the ingredients and create some delicious Sri Lankan food with super tasty flavors. Make sure to book in advance because this cooking class is a popular one!

6. Hike up to the top of Ella Rock

If you find Little Adam’s peak to easy to hike than get up early and hike to the top of Ella Rock. It takes 2 hours to hike from bottom to top. It can be done with a guide or on your own but make sure you got the directions from someone you trust, like your guesthouse manager.

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7. Enjoy the Best Restaurants in Ella

Cafe Chill
Like the name says, this restaurant is very chill and it’s the most popular place in town. They serve different types of food in a great way. But the Sri Lankan food is amazing in this place. There is music, beers, cocktails and detox smoothies. We loved this place.

Jade Garden
This place is run by an older couple. You’ll have to be patient before getting your food. But when it’s served it totally worth it! Go see (taste) it yourself!

Matey Hut
With only 4 tables there’s always a line in front of his house. The typical and super cheap food from Matey Hut is probably the best local food in town. It’s number one on TripAdvisor, so check it out.

AK Ristoro
Not into Sri Lankan food today? AK Ristoro is a bit out of the main street but has super fresh pizza and pasta. It’s not as cheap as the other restaurants but definitely worth the try!

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