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Horton Plains National Park

The lifeblood of Sri Lanka

Horton Plains is a popular tourist destination, with World’s End being the key attraction. The park is accessed by the Nuwara Eliya-Ambewela-Pattipola and HaputaleBoralanda roads, and there are railway stations at Ohiya  and Ambewela. This park is most certainly one of the world’s best nature reserves, which consists of approx. 10,000 Hectares in area. It is haunted by Elk, Deer, Giant Squirrel, Wild Boar, Wild Hair, Porcupine, and a variety of Migratory birds, which is unique to this region. According to a recent count there are 16 Leopards in Horton Plains.  If you are lucky you may get a glimpse of a Leopard during your sojourn in the Horton Plains, but this is extremely rare. 

World's End and Bakers Falls

In the middle of the hike across the Horton Plains, there is another very important and famous point – the World’s End. With a sheer drop of 3700ft, World’s End offers one a fantastic and awesome view.  World’s End is a sheer precipice with a 870 m (2,854 ft) drop. It is situated at the southern boundary of the park. Another cliff known as the Lesser World’s End of 270 m (886 ft) is located not far from World’s End.

Baker’s Falls, a waterfall formed by Belihul Oya, a tributary of the Walawe River is named after Sir Samuel Baker, a hunter and explorer who attempted to establish a European agricultural settlement at Nuwara Eliya. The falls are 20 metres (66 ft) high. Slab Rock Falls is another well known waterfall in the plains.


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