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Ancient history and settlement.

Many who visit Hikkaduwa are usually sun, sea and wave worshippers. The foreign influx began in the late sixties and before long the town began to bustle with fun-seeking visitors. The Germans were the biggest influence for a long time, and although today many signboards and menus are still in German, the clientele is now much more international. In particular, the number of Australians is rising as the fame of Hikkaduwa as a surfer’s destination grows.

Watching the sun dip down into the Indian Ocean from Hikkaduwa beach mesmerizes you to explore the place further. You can take a leisurely stroll along the beach and get a feel of Hikkaduwa nightlife. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see local fisherman hauling in their catch or later on at night, a turtle coming ashore to lay her eggs! Glass bottom boats are readily available to view the fantastic variety of tropical fishes and exotic corals. So one can enjoy all the advantages that come with renting a beach-front holiday villa in Hikkaduwa and take everything else at their own pace.

Coral Reef, surfing and diving

Hikkaduwa is about 98km south of Colombo, is one of the most popular beach resorts of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s only marine sanctuary is located here. Hikkaduwa is the place for underwater delights, where there is a marine sanctuary abundant with rare corals and tropical fish. The underwater world of colorful corals and beautiful schools of fish can be either by snorkeling or taking a ride in a glass bottom boat. It is an ideal place for nature lovers with its abundant corals and tropical fishes. Hikkaduwa offers multifarious options for everyone. It has something to offer everyone, corals for snorkelers; waves for surfers and white pristine beaches for those who want to relax and enjoy the sun and sand.

November through May is the best time to dive here. Hikkaduwa is an interesting youthful coastal town and has about 20 dive sites within easy reach. There are also PADI dive centres where if one stays long enough you could get your license. A deep rocky formation called Deep Rock, Kiralagala which are swin through caves and several wrecks including a much dived old steam-driven oil tankers from the 1860s known as the Conch are interesting dives.


Hikkaduwa Tours & Excursions

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Wildlife 5 1 review 6 days

6 Days Scenic Tour

City Tour, Culinary, Cultural, Historic 5 1 review 6 days