Sri Lanka – Truly a Small Miracle?

Sri Lanka’s “small miracle” denotes the mysteries of Sri Lanka and how it holds so many different features in such a small geographical area. The island nation boasts of a kaleidoscope of natural attractions which could attract the most discerning visitor. The traditionally known golden sun kissed beaches which surround the island of Sri Lanka is a haven for sun-worshipers and water sports enthusiasts alike, the lush green forests with a wide variety of species is a Garden of Eden revisited for holidaymakers showing interest in ecotourism, wildlife, nature and adventure. Sri Lanka, which is small in area, holds the prestige of being the smallest nation holding most of amount of world heritage sites (8 in total) within her borders. Giant ancient monuments and intricate artwork in stone, brick and wood stand side by side at widespread locations around Sri Lanka. However, the most unique thing that this island nation can offer a visitor is that all these features are all reachable within the span of a day making it hassle free, convenient and above all – “quick” to travel from one location to another.

Authenticity, compactness & Diversity1
Sri Lanka is different to other similar nations that offer these same features in its Diversity, Compactness and Authenticity. Sri Lanka truly combines rich and diverse treasures so amazingly concentrated to provide the most pleasant diverse and authentic holiday experience no other Asian destination could so conveniently offer. The redeeming factor to some extent that the armed conflict has had upon the nation is the preservation of the natural and cultural environments of the island from an unmanageable influx of visitors as opposed to other competing countries, which would have also seen the end of a similar conflict which took place within their borders.

Sri Lanka invites more and more responsible tourists to visit this “serendipitous” island and carry forward happy memories spent in the island to other parts of the world. The end of the armed conflict augurs well for resurgence in the tourism industry in Sri Lanka. If tourism is managed in a sustainable way, then we could expect a lot of positive impacts and in turn see a small miracle taking place in this island nation the next couple of years to come.