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Sri Lanka is a resplendent island with a kaleidoscope of natural attractions which could attract the most discerning visitor. The very fact that the golden sun kissed beaches, the lush green forests with a wide variety of species and the rich heritage of a bygone era are reachable within the span of a day is the most unique thing that this island nation can offer a visitor. The island has a diverse range of attractions that offer something for every visitor to enjoy the unique beauty and bliss of the attractions in a delightful and memorable way.

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Beach Experiences

Your beach holiday would not only be confined to basking on the beach, but also to experience the exquisite marine life, richly abundant along the coast of Sri Lanka. Watching a thousand dancing Dolphins or exploring the underwater coral reefs for a plethora of aquatic delights, could be an enchanting experience.

Hill country Experiences

You could stay in the hill country not just as tourists, but pampered like Royalty, if you seek to patronize one from a multitude of colonial-styled tourist bungalows situated in scenic locations in the middle of Tea Estates. You could read a novel, while sipping a rich cup of Tea and being spoilt by well clad butlers.

Jungle Experiences

Your sojourn in a Sri Lankan jungle need not be confined to a nearby hotel or a guest house, you could choose to sleep in a customized tent which will have hot and cold water showers, dine on gourmet meals under the stars in the knowledge that you will be the only dinner party for a hundred square miles.

Sri Lanka is a rollercoaster ride of fun and action. There will never be a dull moment. From the most sedate but captivating train ride across the hill country to an adrenaline pumping white-water rafting expedition, visitors are kept enthralled at a pulsating rate.

Most Popular Activities


Cycling and Mountain biking in Sri Lanka is an excellent way to enjoy the lovely sceneries of Sri Lanka. The


All across, from north to south and from east to west, are a series of breathtaking trekking trails, ranging from

Diving and Snorkelling

Sri Lanka offers world-class Scuba-Diving and Snorkeling tours. A multitude of tropical fish, magnificently colourful coral reefs and fascinating ship

Hot Air ballooning

Floating at heights of 500 to 2000 feet on average, this feeling of peace and tranquility is apparent from the

Kite surfing

Sri Lanka has become a very popular kite surfing destination having been internally recognized by professional surfers. Kite surfing or


Camping is the ideal way to enjoy being close to nature. But, imagine being pampered with all the comforts available


Sri Lanka has become a very popular surfing destination having been internally recognized by professional surfers. Arugam Bay – listed

Whitewater Rafting

If you’re looking for the thrill of an action-packed adventure on the water, why not go for a white water

Whale and Dolphin watching

Whale watching in Sri Lanka has historically largely focused on Trincomalee, a destination that has not been very accessible in
Your tour packages will depend on the time at your disposal and your interests. We have listed some packages as guidelines to plan your own tour. Be it budget do-it-yourself tours to luxury/high end tailor made packages catering for either free individual travellers or smaller groups, we would be there to provide you an answer!


Discover Sri Lanka in 2 weeks

This tour is ideal for first-timers who would like to get a first hand experience to the major sites and

Classical Tour of Sri Lanka

An evergreen tour which is traditionally popular among first-timers who wishes to have a first hand experience of the island.

Highlights of Lanka within a week

A weeks comprehensive tour portraying the important sites and attractions in a standard round tour of Sri Lanka.

Mini Tour of Lanka

A short tour showcasing the highlights during a standard round tour. Suitable for all types of visitors.

Wildlife Tour of Sri Lanka

A weeks comprehensive tour to try and spot Sri Lanka's Big 5 - The Leopard, Elephant, Sloth Bear, Sperm Whale
Early Bird!

World Heritage Sites Tour

The small island of Sri Lanka has no less than 8 World Heritage Sites within the tiny space of 65,610

Cycling in the hill country

If you who wish to experience a challenging ride through rural villages, hilly and mountainous terrain and closely experience the

Trekking in the Hill Country

If you wish to try out the most exciting things to do in Sri Lanka, this tour provides and ideal

Eco-Adventure Tour of Sri Lanka

If you wish to try out the most exciting things to do in Sri Lanka, this tour provides and ideal

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